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Keeping It Simple

Surprise. Surprise. I redesigned my site again.

On this go ’round, I’ve decided to take the simple route. A multi-faceted site with portfolios, galleries, and a blog proved to be a pain in the ass to maintain and keep updated. It was pretty, but it went through long spells of neglect because I didn’t feel like jumping through hoops just to do a new post.

I took some inspiration from my Tumblr site and settled on what you see here. Stay tuned.

I'm a cyclist. I'm a web-geek. I'm full of awesome. Welcome to my little corner of the Internets. In real life you'll find me nestled behind the Orange Curtain in Mission Viejo, California. I may offend. I may inspire. Whatever the case may be, I thank you for stopping by.

CeeDubb says:

: Seems I can’t just leave things as they are…

CeeDubb says:

: I should go to sleep now.