Month: November 2012

I love how the blame flies when the gas prices creep upwards. However, not a peep now that it’s dropped under $4/gallon.

- No Fuel for the Fire -

Animated GIFs

A collection of funny animated gifs.

So Loud My Music Is

Rollin’ they see me. Hatin’ they be.

Instagram : Skratch Labs Hydration

Skratch Labs Hydration definitely gets a thumbs up. I’ve tried all four flavors and they’re all pretty tasty. Take your pick of Pineapple, Orange, Lemon/Lime, or Raspberry.

Instagram : Brinner Rules!

Eggs, potatoes, green onions, and turkey salami.

Instagram : Cheesecake and brownies. Mmmm…

: Cheesecake and brownies. Mmmm… #post

Strava: Edison-Whiting-Edison

First ride in a pretty long time. Luckily, it was a beautiful day to be outside.


Inspiration of the Day: Emily and Brad

Here’s a confession. I LOVE watching these kinds of proposals. They warm my sometimes cynical heart. Thank you Emily and Brad. Congrats to you two.

Somebody Get This Crazy Chick Off Me


This Is One of the Reasons I Voted Left

A good leader is a humble one. I saw that humility in the way the POTUS thanked the folks that helped him through this campaign. It’s great to see this.