Garmin VIRB Sports Camera – Part 1

Let’s talk briefly about gadgets. More specifically, let’s talk about action sports cameras.

The current heavyweight champ is the Hero3 from GoPro and it’s been dominating the segment for years. There have been many companies that jumped in the ring, but none of them seemed to have the muscle to take the belt. There’s now a new contender.

Back in August, Garmin announced they were set to release their own line of action cameras. They’ve arrived (kind of) and they come in two flavors: The Virb ($299) and the Virb Elite ($399). The initial run of the VIRB base models has come and gone and there should be more available at the end of October. The VIRB Elite should arrive in late December.

I got a hold of the “base” unit and I’m going to put it through it’s paces. I’ll report more later. For now, you can head over to the Garmin VIRB Microsite.

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