Evidence-Based Beliefs

I believe in the possibility of things based on evidence. I don’t believe in things…

Am I the only one that thinks The Hobbit looks lame based on the previews? It may capture the hearts of a new generation, but it’s gonna take more than CGI to make something more special than what Rankin/Bass did in 1977.

- 1977 > 2012 -

I love how the blame flies when the gas prices creep upwards. However, not a peep now that it’s dropped under $4/gallon.

- No Fuel for the Fire -

Part of me doesn’t want to post anything political, but here it goes anyway.

Whether you like the decision or not, WE ALL are still Americans and WE ALL have to live, work, and move forward together. Being negative doesn’t do anything to help any situation! Hating someone who is doing the best to move OUR GREAT country forward shows ignorance and will only slow down any progress. If Mitt was the right man for the job maybe he would’ve won, but the AMERICAN people have spoken and WE feel Obama has a better opportunity to more the country forward.

So please hold back your negative comments and try and move forward as part of the USA!!

- Cameron Hunt -
- My Mind Is Slipping -

Is This Working?

If God has a plan, isn’t prayer an effort in futility?

Chicken or Fish?

With all this talk about Christian values and chicken, did anyone ever consider that JC was more of a fish guy?

Be Completely Stupid

No matter how serious life gets, you still gotta have that one person you can be completely stupid with.