Evidence-Based Beliefs

I believe in the possibility of things based on evidence. I don’t believe in things…

You Need GPS

One of my pet peeves is the incorrect use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. With the help of intense psychotherapy, I’ve been able to control the violence that used to consume me when I came across their gross abuse.

So whenever I stumble across the aftermath of someone’s decimation of the written word, I’ll post this little graphic. Spread the good word.

But You Didn’t Have To Cut Me Off

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

I was recently unfriended on Facebook for calling out the bullshit on someone’s political rant about John Kerry’s recent nomination for Secretary of State … I didn’t even get the chance to respond to her belief that Obama is the second coming of Hitler based on historical parallels.

Star Trek Into the Darkness Preview

Well I’d love to leave the video up for your viewing pleasure, but Cease & Desist orders are being sent out in droves. The original Russian site and Gizmodo were instructed to take down the video. I’m just going to follow suit.

No Absolutes

I never deal with absolutes. This is probably funnier in my own mind, but that’s what matters, right?

Am I the only one that thinks The Hobbit looks lame based on the previews? It may capture the hearts of a new generation, but it’s gonna take more than CGI to make something more special than what Rankin/Bass did in 1977.

- 1977 > 2012 -

Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters? I’m Sold

I’m pretty sure the acting will leave a bit to be desired, but the idea of big badass robots against the giant monster threat is enough to pique my interest.

Coffee or Tea?

I’ve given up coffee and drink A LOT of tea. Is that bad?