Instagram : Relationships

Today at Starbucks I watched this couple while waiting for my Trenta Black Tea No Water Easy Ice Extra Soy Five Pumps Classic One Pump Vanilla. They couldn’t seem to pry themselves away from their phones to look or speak to each other. Even after their drinks arrived, they went right back to their phones. Well, I did hear him say, “Thanks Babe,” as she set his drink down for him.

So Loud My Music Is

Rollin’ they see me. Hatin’ they be.

Instagram : Skratch Labs Hydration

Skratch Labs Hydration definitely gets a thumbs up. I’ve tried all four flavors and they’re all pretty tasty. Take your pick of Pineapple, Orange, Lemon/Lime, or Raspberry.

Instagram : Brinner Rules!

Eggs, potatoes, green onions, and turkey salami.

Instagram : Cheesecake and brownies. Mmmm…

: Cheesecake and brownies. Mmmm… #post

Somebody Get This Crazy Chick Off Me

Instagram : I did it. How ’bout you?

I did it. How ’bout you?

Instagram : It was kinda warm today

: It was kinda warm today. #post

Nothing New Here

Nothing new to share, but here’s a pic of a cute puppy.

Instagram : It’s a contest!!

: It’s a contest!!