The Snowball Effect

I just wrote an article where I ranted a little bit about the “Never Forget” posts of the 9/11 Tragedy. I haven’t really reread it yet. I just spilled out my thoughts and I wonder if I even made a point.

Well anyhoo…

At the end of the article I said something about doing something for others and how that has a snowball effect. It dawned on me, when I wrote that sentence, that it happened just last night.

Fresh Grinds - I'm back to doing 50/50s...
Fresh Grinds – I’m back to doing 50/50s…

Every once in awhile I try to recapture my youth. Recently, I dusted off my skateboard and now frequent the Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest. Aside from slamming my knee into the concrete after an errant 50/50 grind, the evening was awesome. I have the pleasure of knowing Sasha Steinhorst (@MotoSash). He’s a man of many talents and just happens to be a pro skater. He just got back from Brasil and was at the park. He’s got an old school style and I could have watched him ride all night. One of the kids that works in our service department, Jordan, was there, too.

Before we leave, Sasha looks at my wheels, mentions that he’s got some boards and wheels in his truck and if I wanted any of it. He usually brings his extra stuff to donate to the kids at the park. I agreed. The board I’m riding is 13 years old and the wheels, though not worn, are kinda beat up. Jordan and I head out to his truck.

Sasha brings out a more than a half a dozen skateboard decks and a set of wheels. The wheels were perfect and I was stoked. But then I remembered Jordan mentioning earlier in the day that he was tired of the little wheels on his board. Little wheels make for a really rough ride. I figured he could use the wheels more than I, so I said he could go ahead and snag ’em.

I did, however, snag a couple of boards and so did Jordan. One that I grabbed was a Dogtown that’ll replace one of my favorite Dogtown sticks I broke over 25 years ago. I ollied a flight of stairs and it snapped right in front of the rear truck. Come to think of it, I snapped a John Lucero Schmitt Stix deck in the same spot on the same flight of stairs.

We all head back to the skatepark. Sasha gives the remaining boards to the Etnies staff and I decided to do a little more skating while Jordan installed his new wheels. I go back to check on Jordan and I found out he gave one of his boards to another kid whose skateboard was thoroughly trashed. He also gave him his wheels. I swear this moment was awesome. This gave me a newfound respect for Jordan and the kids of his generation.

From Sasha, to me, to Jordan, to that kid. I hope the snowball keeps on rolling.

Thanks Sasha.

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