The Tea Party Temper Tantrum

The House Majority PAC is going after Speaker of the House, John Boehner, in a big way. They’re going to air this ad during tomorrow night’s Sunday Night Football Patriots vs Bengals game. This isn’t random. Boehner’s 8th District of Ohio is right outside of Cincinnati, so there should be plenty of folks in his home state that’ll see it.

It still blows my mind that the House is trying to make up the law as they go along. There’s a process for amendments and repeals. However, their many attempts at overturning the ACA (Obamacare) have been unsuccessful in using this process. Their agenda is so single-minded  that they’re now trying to find a back door to get what they want. There’s a lot of collateral damage from their latest stunt. They’re upsetting the lives of millions of people in ways they don’t even care to consider. Those people are on both sides of the political divide.

If you feel the government shutdown was wrong, sign the petition at


I took a shot at alliteration with the post title. I know the first word doesn’t count, but it’s kind of fun when you say “The Tea Party Temper Tantrum” out loud. For you phonologists out there, you’ll enjoy the [tooltip title=”plo·sive (Noun)” content=”A plosive speech sound. The basic plosives in English are t , k , and p (voiceless) and d , g , and b (voiced).” type=”info” ]plosives[/tooltip].

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